Liquid Cooling Finally Gets Wings

    Liquid Cooled Air Power introduces two "new" liquid-cooled engines, the Lycoming 0-360 and 0-540 engines with parallel valve cylinders that can be used in both existing and yet-to-be-designed aircraft. Called Cool Jugs, it is a conversion that is a bolt-on kit that will convert virtually any parallel valve 0-360 or 0-540 to a liquid-cooled system in a minimal amount of time.
    The conversion requires no internal engine modifications, and no existing reciprocating/moving components are changed at all. The conversion creates only one additional moving part, the coolant pump, which is driven via a standard accessory pad.

    The company claims that liquid-cooled engines have a better reliability and longer top-end component life, which translates to longer times between overhaul. The company also says that fuel efficiency and engine performance increases.

For more information and pricing, contact Liquid Cooled Air Power, Dept. CP, 1413 Prospect Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254; 310/802-1255; fax 310/318-1116;