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December 20, 2004

EAA Sport Aviation Magazine
EAA Sport Aviation
February 2001, pg. 114
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Custom Planes
February 2001, pg. 15

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Proof positive that unleaded fuels won't work in Aircooled engines!


After an extensive trial, the University of North Dakota's flight school has dropped Swift UL94 fuel and resumed use of 100LL. The school said ongoing maintenance monitoring of aircraft using UL94-almost exclusively Lycoming-powered Piper Archers and Seminoles-resulted in measurable exhaust valve recession. The school made the switch back to 100LL on Oct. 27. Read on...


Liquid Cooled Cherokee 180 sails by a Piper Arrow IV


When it comes to proving how fast an airplane can go nothing beats an air-to-air comparison. We suspected that our Cool Jugs Cherokee 180 was flying quite a bit faster than it did with its standard aircooled engine but we wanted to be sure. So we set out to compare our fixed gear, hershey bar winged, liquid cooled Cherokee 180 against a 1979 Piper PA28RT-200, Arrow IV - a retractable gear, 200HP airplane with a more efficient semi tapered wing. What we witnessed surprised even us. More...

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