Introducing Liquid Cooled Conversions for O-360 and O-540 Lycoming® Engines

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Coolant jacket Cylinder head
Cylinder liner
Thermostat housing
Coolant Pump
Coolant Distribution Manifold
Cooling System Analyzer

Cylinder liner

Cylinder Sleeve, shown with finished base flange The cylinder sleeves for our Cool Jugs cylinder assemblies are manufactured from through hardened 4140 steel starting from a raw forging.

Each sleeve is precision machined using the latest CNC lathe equipment. The cylinder bore is then left untreated and simply honed for those customers that want a plain steel finish or for a more long lasting finish we offer a proprietary, corrosion resistant nickel-carbide plating process that provides excellent wear characteristics.

Finished sleeves are then mated with the cylinder head/coolant jackets by screwing the two components together. An interference fit between the cylinder head/coolant jacket and the cylinder sleeve assures a positive seal, excellent thermal conductivity and a solid assembly.

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Proudly MADE in the U.S.A.